How to Choose a Great Auto Repair Shop Near Lake Stevens

great auto repair shop lake stevensAs much as you take great care of your car, you also need an auto technician to provide that same level of commitment. This ensures optimal performance and maximum driving enjoyment. Here’s how to pick a great auto repair shop near you.

Training and Education

A good mechanic has completed a minimum of education and formal training on how to carry out basic car service and repairs. ASE-certified technicians have completed rigorous qualifications which include hands-on work and successful completion of an exam.

Well-Rounded Experience

Look for an auto technician with a wide range of experience in servicing foreign and domestic cars. Seek out someone who has worked on a variety of common problems, such as transmissions, tires, oil changes, tune-ups and manufacturer-recommended maintenance. As an added benefit, seek out a shop that can also carry out performance upgrades for you.

A Commitment to Customers

Finding a mechanic who’s good with cars is great, but you also want someone who can effectively communicate with you to let you know what’s been fixed or what still needs attention. A great auto care technician is committed to providing you with the same care and attention they give your vehicle.

Need a Great Auto Repair Shop Near Lake Stevens?

Automotive Unlimited’s professional auto repair technicians are ready to tackle your concerns, whether there’s a strange noise, the car won’t start or your transmission is slipping. Our high standards for service include a dedication to providing customers with a comfortable and reassuring experience as we service their domestic, Asian or European cars. Contact us today for an auto repair shop appointment and see how easy it is to keep your car running well.

Great Auto Repair Shop Serving Lake Stevens Area Drivers

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Ready for Off-Road Performance Upgrades Near Edmonds?

off-road performance upgrades edmondsFor some, driving is more than just a way to get to work or around town, it’s a true passion. Off-road driving offers plenty of challenge and excitement when you have a properly equipped vehicle in good repair. Customizing the enhancements to your car or truck is the best way to make sure you have what you need for the performance you want. These are among the best off-road performance upgrades you can choose.


While a lift-kit can give you the style you want, it also gives you improved safety and performance. Your vehicle will clear higher obstacles when off-roading. You’ll also sit higher up and have an improved view of the road and conditions around you, which can reduce your reaction times.

Tires and Rims

Off-road tires and rims improve traction and handling even during tough driving. For best results, match your new tires to the kind of driving you’ll be doing, such as whether you’re more likely to encounter muddy conditions or rocky conditions. Your auto service technician is a great resource for guidance.

Roll Bars

Roll bars give your vehicle better frame stability. In addition, the bars provide a good place to install increased lighting for low-light conditions. Work with professional installers to make sure you get the right set without sacrificing the integrity of your car or truck.

Interested in Off-Road Performance Upgrades Near Edmonds?

Custom performance upgrades installed by pros at Automotive Unlimited ensure you get the right product for your off-road vehicle. We’re committed to maximizing performance and enhancing your style while always being mindful of safety for you and your passengers. Contact us today, and let’s talk about the best off-road performance upgrades for your vehicle and driving needs.

Expertly Installed Off-Road Performance Upgrades for Edmonds Drivers

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What’s Included in a Vehicle Tune-up for Lynnwood Drivers?

vehicle tune-up lynnwoodEven if you already know how important it is to bring your car in for regular tune-ups, you might not be fully aware of all the parts and systems that your auto technician inspects and evaluates. Become a more informed driver, and check out this quick overview of what’s included in a typical vehicle tune-up.

Replace Worn Parts

Some components under the hood of your car get used up over time and need to be replaced regularly. These include your ignition wires and coils, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Your auto technician may also change the engine and cabin air filters, the oil filter and the fuel filter. 

Inspect and Adjust Belts, Hoses and Fluids

Many of your car’s systems rely on belts and hoses, as well as appropriate fluid levels. An auto technician will inspect belts and hoses for signs of wear or damage and adjust or repair them as needed. These include the serpentine and timing belts and radiator hoses. Your auto technician will typically check the fluids in the cooling, power steering, transmission and brake systems, and top them off if needed. Some tune-ups include an oil change, too.

Overall Performance Checks

A tune-up service is a good time for your auto technician to check the tire inflation and treadwear, tire balance, wheel alignment and wiper blades. Some tune-ups include a test of the battery, brakes, tail lights and signal lights, too.

Need a Vehicle Tune-up Near Lynnwood?

Automotive Unlimited specializes in providing professional car care services, repair work and performance upgrades for domestic, European and Asian cars, SUVs and trucks in Snohomish County. Our ASE-certified auto technicians have expert training and resources at their disposal to address your driving concerns, including full engine diagnostics, factory-scheduled service, buyer’s inspections and transmission service. Contact us today to book your vehicle tune-up and keep your car running at peak performance.

Expert Vehicle Tune-Up Services for Lynnwood Drivers

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Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Repair Near Mill Creek

transmission repair mill creekWhen your car’s transmission is ready to give out, you’re at risk of a breakdown on the side of the road. Learning the signs of transmission problems can give you the time you need to bring your vehicle to a trusted mechanic for the necessary service and repairs. Here are three important clues to watch out for, and if you notice any of them, book an appointment with your auto repair shop promptly for transmission repair.

Strong Odor

If you’re noticing a powerful smell coming from the front end of your car, it could be a sign your transmission is overheating. Typically, the scent of transmission fluid isn’t strong enough that you’ll notice it; when there’s a burning smell, it often means car trouble. It might be running too hot or be low on the necessary fluids. 

Loud Noises

A sound that could be described as a whine or a hum is another red flag that your vehicle’s transmission needs work. Depending on the kind of transmission you have, it could also sound more metallic and grinding.

Slipping Gears

When your car doesn’t accelerate smoothly as you increase your speed, it could mean the gears in the transmission are slipping. You may also detect physical sensations like jolting as the car struggles to change gears.

Do You Need Transmission Repair Near Mill Creek?

At Automotive Unlimited, our expert team can handle even the most complex service and repair needs for domestic, Asian and European cars. From power steering to suspension, heating and cooling, radiator, exhaust work and more, our highly trained and certified automotive technicians deliver prompt and reliable service as well as performance upgrades. Contact us today for all your transmission repair and car care needs.

Your Trusted Transmission Repair Provider Near Mill Creek

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3 Auto Performance Upgrades for Mukilteo Drivers

auto performance upgrades mukilteoIf you’re looking to get more out of your driving–more power, more fun and more excitement–it’s time to consider auto performance upgrades for your vehicle. Depending on your preferences and driving style, there are several ways that auto service technicians can maximize your car’s abilities through customized enhancements. Here are just a few.

Give Your Car’s Engine a Boost

Improved airflow makes higher engine performance possible. Installing advanced air filters or a forced induction system can maximize intake. Other upgrades for your engine include synthetic lubricants, advanced spark plugs, exhaust headers and intake manifolds. 

Ensure Greater Reliability with New Brakes

Upgrade parts of the drum brake system or swap it out completely for a whole new disc brake system. Although disc brakes won’t necessarily turn heads, they can improve reliability and longevity over your standard drum brakes, ensuring that your power maneuvers on the road can be safely controlled as needed. 

Improve Support for Your Car’s Body

Tight turns can stress your car’s chassis and decrease drivability. Adding reinforcements help your vehicle withstand the physical pressures it’s under as weight shifts from one side to the other. Consider subframe connectors and sway bars to maintain better control under extreme driving conditions.

Need Auto Performance Upgrades for Your Car in Mukilteo?

In addition to regular vehicle maintenance services and repair work, our team of expert ASE-certified automotive technicians at Automotive Unlimited take pride in crafting customized upgrade plans to meet your needs. With our state-of-the-art facilities, expert tools and high-quality parts, we offer serious drivers world-class upgrades at competitive prices. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help you rediscover the true joy of driving through auto performance upgrades, including exhaust, electronics, lighting kits and more.

Customized Auto Performance Upgrades in Mukilteo

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3 Important Auto Maintenance Warnings in Lake Stevens

auto maintenance lake stevensYour car or truck is generally pretty good at alerting you to auto maintenance service needs. Dashboard warning lights are great indicators and can save you a lot of time, money and frustration. Look out for these common and important signs so you can schedule the necessary auto repair right away. 


One of the most common dashboard warnings is the “check engine light.” Often depicted as an engine, this warning can indicate a wide range of issues. Some problems are as simple as a broken gas cap, while others will require extensive repairs performed by a qualified auto technician.


Making regular appointments for oil changes is part of factory-scheduled auto maintenance. If you happen to skip this task for too long, your car or truck will let you know by activating the “check oil light.” This warning is generally depicted as an oil can. Going too long without changing the oil can cause serious and very expensive damage to your engine.


Another common warning is associated with your vehicle’s brakes. Usually depicted as an exclamation mark, this light means there’s something wrong with your brake system. This isn’t an issue you want to ignore, even for a day. 

Need Auto Maintenance in Lake Stevens?

If one of your vehicle’s dashboard warning lights has recently activated, it’s important to schedule auto maintenance as soon as possible. Call or stop by Automotive Unlimited right away. Whatever the problem, one of our mechanics can help. We’ve served Lake Stevens drivers for years and are qualified to work on every make and model of car and truck. From routine tune-ups to extensive repairs, you can count on our technicians for expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer service. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

Recommended Auto Maintenance Services near Lake Stevens

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Auto Repair Tips: Handling an Overheating Vehicle in Everett

auto repair tips everettIs your vehicle overheating? You may need to have a mechanic look at it, but don’t head to the shop just yet. Keeping these helpful auto repair tips in mind can ensure your safety and keep your car or truck from being damaged.

Stop Driving Immediately!

While it may be tempting to find and drive to the nearest auto repair shop immediately, don’t do it. Continuing to operate a vehicle with an overheating engine is dangerous and can cause significant damage. Instead, find a place to pull off the road and turn off the ignition as soon as possible.

Let the Vehicle Cool Down

There’s nothing more painstakingly frustrating than just sitting and waiting, but this is really the only option available in this situation. Even if an auto technician were nearby, he or she couldn’t perform any auto repair service until the vehicle cooled down.

Add More Coolant

Once the car or truck has cooled down, try adding some more coolant. This will not only help ensure your vehicle doesn’t overheat again on the way to the shop, but it can help you determine whether or not a leak is present.

Need More Auto Repair Tips from Reliable Mechanics in Everett?

If you’re looking for a reliable repair shop on top of these auto repair tips, call Automotive Unlimited today. Our highly trained and experienced technicians are capable of handling any problem, from overheating engines and flat tires to factory-scheduled auto maintenance and brake repair. Having served drivers throughout the surrounding communities for years, we’re known for providing expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer service. Whatever your auto needs are, we’ll exceed your highest expectations! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Auto Repair Tips From the Experts in Everett

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Signs Your Engine Needs Help From the Best Rated Auto Repair Shop in Everett

best rated auto repair shop everettSometimes your vehicle makes it easy to know when your engine needs help from the best rated auto repair shop in Everett. While factory-scheduled auto maintenance should help you avoid most types of auto repair, problems can still pop up. It’s important to pay attention to your car or truck so that when they do, you’re able to respond accordingly. The following signs call for immediate action.

Poor Acceleration

Is your vehicle slow to accelerate? You’re likely to notice this most when driving on the highway. When a car or truck struggles to reach higher speeds, there’s a good chance there’s a problem with the engine. Make sure your auto technician knows about this decrease in power.

Excess Exhaust

You probably don’t pay much attention to your vehicle’s exhaust when everything’s working properly, but it’s hard to miss a sudden increase in emissions. You may also notice your car or truck’s exhaust change color. If this happens, have it checked out.

Strange Sounds

Vehicles never run completely silently, but they shouldn’t be producing loud noises either. If you notice your car or truck starting to make sounds that are unfamiliar, it’s a good idea to alert the best rated auto repair shop. This can indicate a problem with your engine and continuing to drive can cause serious damage.

Need the Best Rated Auto Repair Shop in Everett?

Don’t ignore the warning signs; get your vehicle the help it needs at Automotive Unlimited. Our auto maintenance and repair shop is managed by highly qualified and experienced technicians capable of performing service on cars and trucks of every make and model. After years in the industry, Edmonds drivers have come to rely on us for affordable and customer-oriented service. Contact us today! 

The Best Rated Auto Repair Shop in Everett

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Traits That The Best Auto Repair Shop Will Have in Everett

good auto repair LynnwoodWhether you need factory-scheduled maintenance or extensive repair services, it’s important to find the best auto repair shop you trust with your vehicle. With so many auto shops out there, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Knowing what traits a good shop will have can help you make the right decision and keep your vehicle in the best possible shape. 

Positive Customer Reviews

Spend time reading customer feedback from previous customers for each repair and maintenance shop you’re considering. Shops that deliver a good customer service experience will usually offer good service in every aspect of their work. You can find reviews and testimonials online or contact the shop directly to ask for a list of references.

Upfront Price Estimates

In most cases, an auto technician will provide a quote for the job before getting started. While these numbers can change if additional issues are discovered, it’s a good starting point and can help give you an idea of what you can expect to spend. This is an industry standard; never agree to repair services or maintenance before knowing the cost. 

Warranty or Satisfaction Guarantee

The best auto repair shop will offer some sort of warranty or satisfaction guarantee for their work. Obviously, a warranty is preferred, but guarantees on work will suffice in some cases. Make sure to get all of the details in writing for your protection before work begins on your repair or performance upgrade

Need the Best Auto Repair Shop in Everett?

If you’ve been meaning to schedule professional repair or maintenance services for your car or truck near Lynnwood, start your search for services by contacting Automotive Unlimited. Our highly-trained technicians provide drivers with expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. With the knowledge, skills and equipment to work on vehicles of every make and model, you can rest easier knowing we’re on the job. Contact us today.

Best Auto Repair Shop in Everett

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Auto Maintenance Service that Extends the Lifespan of Your Transmission Near Mill Creek

auto maintenance service mill creekScheduling the appropriate auto maintenance service can help extend the lifespan of your car or truck’s transmission. Transmissions can be costly to replace, so you can save a lot of money just by taking good care of the one you currently have. While your auto technician can help you spot potential issues early, taking proactive action is the best solution. Asking your local auto repair shop to do the following should have a positive effect. 

Perform Routine Tune-Ups

The easiest way to extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission is to schedule routine tune-ups. Having a maintenance technician perform these simple services ensures your transmission isn’t overtaxed unnecessarily. Make sure your mechanic also takes the time to flush your vehicle’s system periodically. 

Use Synthetic Transmission Fluid

When possible, make sure your auto maintenance shop uses synthetic transmission fluid. Synthetic products are proven to last a lot longer. They also offer more heat resistance. Ask a technician to look up the best option for your vehicle and write it down for reference in the future.

Install a Cooling System

Additionally, consider installing a good transmission cooling system. Excessive heat can cause a lot of damage. Many issues can be avoided by having fans installed. The cost of this service often offsets more frequent transmission repair and replacement.

Need Auto Maintenance Service Near Mill Creek?

Automotive Unlimited offers high quality and affordable auto maintenance for cars and trucks of every make and model. Mill Creek residents have counted on our shop for affordable and effective factory-scheduled auto maintenance for years. With a wealth of experience in the industry, our technicians will meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today!

Excellent Auto Maintenance Service Near Mill Creek

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