What’s Included in a Vehicle Tune-up for Lynnwood Drivers?

vehicle tune-up lynnwoodEven if you already know how important it is to bring your car in for regular tune-ups, you might not be fully aware of all the parts and systems that your auto technician inspects and evaluates. Become a more informed driver, and check out this quick overview of what’s included in a typical vehicle tune-up.

Replace Worn Parts

Some components under the hood of your car get used up over time and need to be replaced regularly. These include your ignition wires and coils, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor. Your auto technician may also change the engine and cabin air filters, the oil filter and the fuel filter. 

Inspect and Adjust Belts, Hoses and Fluids

Many of your car’s systems rely on belts and hoses, as well as appropriate fluid levels. An auto technician will inspect belts and hoses for signs of wear or damage and adjust or repair them as needed. These include the serpentine and timing belts and radiator hoses. Your auto technician will typically check the fluids in the cooling, power steering, transmission and brake systems, and top them off if needed. Some tune-ups include an oil change, too.

Overall Performance Checks

A tune-up service is a good time for your auto technician to check the tire inflation and treadwear, tire balance, wheel alignment and wiper blades. Some tune-ups include a test of the battery, brakes, tail lights and signal lights, too.

Need a Vehicle Tune-up Near Lynnwood?

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Expert Vehicle Tune-Up Services for Lynnwood Drivers

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