Auto Repair Tips: Handling an Overheating Vehicle in Everett

auto repair tips everettIs your vehicle overheating? You may need to have a mechanic look at it, but don’t head to the shop just yet. Keeping these helpful auto repair tips in mind can ensure your safety and keep your car or truck from being damaged.

Stop Driving Immediately!

While it may be tempting to find and drive to the nearest auto repair shop immediately, don’t do it. Continuing to operate a vehicle with an overheating engine is dangerous and can cause significant damage. Instead, find a place to pull off the road and turn off the ignition as soon as possible.

Let the Vehicle Cool Down

There’s nothing more painstakingly frustrating than just sitting and waiting, but this is really the only option available in this situation. Even if an auto technician were nearby, he or she couldn’t perform any auto repair service until the vehicle cooled down.

Add More Coolant

Once the car or truck has cooled down, try adding some more coolant. This will not only help ensure your vehicle doesn’t overheat again on the way to the shop, but it can help you determine whether or not a leak is present.

Need More Auto Repair Tips from Reliable Mechanics in Everett?

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Auto Repair Tips From the Experts in Everett

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  1. Tex Hooper

    Great tip about adding coolant before you do anything else. I need to get a auto shop to repair my minivan before we travel. We plan to do a country-wide trip.


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