Auto Maintenance Service that Extends the Lifespan of Your Transmission Near Mill Creek

auto maintenance service mill creekScheduling the appropriate auto maintenance service can help extend the lifespan of your car or truck’s transmission. Transmissions can be costly to replace, so you can save a lot of money just by taking good care of the one you currently have. While your auto technician can help you spot potential issues early, taking proactive action is the best solution. Asking your local auto repair shop to do the following should have a positive effect. 

Perform Routine Tune-Ups

The easiest way to extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s transmission is to schedule routine tune-ups. Having a maintenance technician perform these simple services ensures your transmission isn’t overtaxed unnecessarily. Make sure your mechanic also takes the time to flush your vehicle’s system periodically. 

Use Synthetic Transmission Fluid

When possible, make sure your auto maintenance shop uses synthetic transmission fluid. Synthetic products are proven to last a lot longer. They also offer more heat resistance. Ask a technician to look up the best option for your vehicle and write it down for reference in the future.

Install a Cooling System

Additionally, consider installing a good transmission cooling system. Excessive heat can cause a lot of damage. Many issues can be avoided by having fans installed. The cost of this service often offsets more frequent transmission repair and replacement.

Need Auto Maintenance Service Near Mill Creek?

Automotive Unlimited offers high quality and affordable auto maintenance for cars and trucks of every make and model. Mill Creek residents have counted on our shop for affordable and effective factory-scheduled auto maintenance for years. With a wealth of experience in the industry, our technicians will meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today!

Excellent Auto Maintenance Service Near Mill Creek

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