Recommended Auto Maintenance Services During the Winter in Lynnwood

auto maintenance services lynnwoodDid you schedule the necessary auto maintenance services this winter? Colder weather can impact your vehicle, so it’s important to make a preparatory appointment with a certified auto technician early. Scheduling these services can help you avoid unnecessary auto repair this winter. 

Battery Test

While your vehicle should function as well in the winter as it does in the summer, car and truck batteries can develop issues in extremely cold temperatures. Batteries that are near the end of their lifespan may give out sooner than expected. To ensure you don’t end up stranded somewhere, ask your auto maintenance technician to check the voltage of your battery. If it’s low, consider replacing it now instead of waiting for it to die.

Light Bulb Replacement

In addition to colder weather, the winter months also bring shorter days. This means you’re more likely to be driving in the dark than you were before. It’s easy to overlook a burned out light bulb during the summer, but driving without fully-functioning lights in the winter can be dangerous. Make sure you stop by your local auto shop to have your lights checked.

Cooling System Check

While it’s unlikely you’ll need your air conditioning during the winter, having a technician check your coolant levels during your appointment for auto maintenance services is important. Low coolant levels or leaking antifreeze can lead to serious problems. Once temperatures begin dropping, your vehicle’s antifreeze is what will prevent your engine from freezing.

Time for Auto Maintenance Services in Lynnwood?

Count on the highly-trained technicians at Automotive Unlimited for all your factory-scheduled auto maintenance needs. We regularly service cars and trucks of every make and model. Our team looks forward to preparing your vehicle for the road this winter! Contact us today.

Recommended Auto Maintenance Services near Lynnwood

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