Why Auto Maintenance Pros in Mukilteo Recommend Oil Changes Every 3,000 Miles

auto maintenance pros mukilteoHave you kept up with all the necessary auto maintenance services this year? One service you don’t want to overlook no matter what is the oil change. Auto maintenance pros recommend having your oil changed after every 3,000 miles driven. Failing to keep up with this task can cause serious issues down the road and result in expensive auto repair. Here’s why you should have a qualified auto technician perform an oil change regularly.

Engine Lubrication

First and foremost, fresh oil helps keep your engine properly lubricated. Without this important auto maintenance, you run the risk of overtaxing your engine. The internal parts will wear down and, eventually, your vehicle will become inoperable. The best way to prevent issues from developing is to schedule service in a timely manner.

Rust Prevention

While rust is naturally occurring, it can do a real number on your car or truck. When your vehicle’s internal parts lack enough oil, they can begin rusting. Left unchecked, this problem can spread and result in the need for numerous replacements. 

Vehicle Cooling

Additionally, fresh oil helps your car or truck maintain an optimal temperature. Vehicle owners who skip factory-scheduled maintenance like oil changes are far more likely to experience overheating and breakdowns.

Need to Schedule an Oil Change with Auto Maintenance Pros near Mukilteo?

Whether you’re having car trouble or simply need to schedule an oil change, the auto maintenance pros at Automotive Unlimited are here to help. With years of experience working on vehicles of every kind, we have the knowledge and skills needed to keep your car or truck running strong. You can always depend on our team for exceptional workmanship and unbeatable customer service on every job. 

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