Auto Maintenance Tips: Identifying Why Your Check Engine Light Activated in Everett

auto maintenance everettHas your vehicle’s ‘check engine’ light suddenly activated in Everett? It’s important to have an auto maintenance expert run diagnostics on your car or truck as soon as possible. This warning light can indicate a wide variety of problems. While some are cause for little alarm and can be addressed quickly, others can lead to expensive auto repair if ignored for too long. A qualified auto technician can confirm the underlying issue, but some of the most common reasons for light activation follow. 

Damaged or Missing Gas Cap

It’s possible for your check engine light to activate due to a damaged or missing gas cap. Driving without a cap is bad for the environment and can negatively impact your gas mileage. Fortunately, this is one of the cheapest and easiest issues to fix. 

Malfunctioning Spark Plug

Another common issue is a malfunctioning spark plug. Most vehicle maintenance service centers will check your spark plugs during factory-scheduled maintenance, but one can still fail between visits. If this is the cause of your dashboard warning light, you may have trouble starting your vehicle or it may run roughly.

Failing Catalytic Converter

It is also possible that your catalytic converter is failing. This is a very important part because it minimizes your vehicle’s impact on the environment. Work with an auto shop to repair or replace converters quickly to maintain fuel efficiency and prevent emissions test failures. 

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  1. Tex Hooper

    I’m glad you mentioned how catalytic converter failure will lead to emission test failures. I need to get my new car tested to get registered. I’ll have to take it to a mechanic to make sure it is safe.


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